and one quick note

I started something new. Whenever I read an interesting article or a badass short story, I’ll look up the author on twitter, follow them and leave a comment. I do this for two reasons:

  • I’m terrible at social media. Just the worst. I don’t even like talking on the phone for more than a minute, much less raking through the muck online to find interesting people. So, when I find writers with worthwhile words, I force myself to do this so I can look them up again, and make connections with people I aspire to be like. It’s easy motivation.
  • Good writing should be appreciated, dammit. It’s too easy to get writing online. I mean, I could fill this space with gibberish—like a list of my 10 favorite Two and a Half Men episodes—and somebody could find that on Google. So if I enjoy something, I want the author to know, and I think it’s nice for them to hear. Affirmation goes a long way, and it only takes 140 characters.
It’s an easy, good habit to get into, and I have enough horrible, apathetic tendencies that I might as well try to foster some healthy ones.

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