breaking bad compels me to edit video

So I’ve been listening almost exclusively to one sing for the past three or four days: Ratatat’s remix of Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Party and Bullshit.’

It’s got an electronic buzz beat that keeps pulling me back. I haven’t kept a song on repeat like this in years.

But I was listening to it the other day, and I heard the first drop where it really kicks in and I cut over in my head to that scene in the finale of Breaking Bad season 4 where (SPOILER) the door explodes outward and Gus emerges.

The sound and the image matched up in my head and I thought, “I should try and edit together a bunch of cool clips from season 4 and set them to that song.”

So I did.

This is the first time I’ve really done anything like this, but as soon as I started I was hooked. It’s a strange thrill to scroll through each episode frame by frame, looking for shots to match up with the different sound cues in the song. Some parts of it I’m happy with—others not so much. A lot of the shots linger, and should be replaced with quicker cuts, but I just didn’t really have the patience for it this time.

It probably took me between four and five hours total, but a good amount of that involved screwing up trying to learn Premiere. I feel like I have a decent handle on basic cuts and timeline manipulation—that’s all I had to do for this—but I haven’t really played around with different effects yet.

It’s encouraging to watch and think about what I’ll do differently next time. I feel like I’m learning, and I have the itch to try making some movies again.

The flash fiction I sold to DSF hasn’t been published yet, but I’m hoping next month? I can’t wait to see it online. Hah, I shouldn’t have talked about it so soon to people without having anything to show. Oh well. Soon.

I haven’t submitted much more lately, which is frustrating. I’m partway through four different short stories, but I’m having trouble narrowing my focus to single one out and finish it, so I just make incremental progress on all of them at the same time. I’ll still be crawling along when the month turns, and then I’ll have to deal with the prospect of NaNoWriMo—the 50,000 word elephant in the room.

Maybe this year I’ll actually make a dent? I have a story all lined up, just need to force the pen to the page and stop worrying about whether or not it’ll actually be any good.


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