Monthly Archives: November 2011

In a way, it’s funny to me that this post and the one prior act as empty bookends to the month of November. It’s a sandwich without meat, folks (or cheese, lettuce, candy, etc).

This was not, it turns out, a month for writing.

But there is news, NaNo failure notwithstanding. My story “The Butcher’s First” goes out by digital pony express to all subscribers of DSF bright and early tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to feedback, and I hope seeing my own work in a professional capacity will act as a set of spurs for my motivation.


OKAY. It’s happening.

I made it 500 words into the story I thought I wanted to write and quickly realized it won’t work. Kept chipping my teeth on it, went back on a few different angles and couldn’t make it happen. Thankfully I had another idea waiting in the wings, which has been a hell of a lot easier to write so far (no jinx no jinx no jinx).

I’m sitting at about 1200 words right now, and I’ll get back to it to hit the recommended 1700 later tonight. Feels pretty good right now, but the first day’s been the easiest the last two times I crashed and burned. But hey!

I’ve been following NaNo developments on twitter and I have a few resources to share:

  • @NaNoWordSprints. This account updates with “sprints” of writing, so if you’re sitting around with some free time you can work on something else, then switch over to writing at the scheduled times. It’s a helpful framework to use if you have trouble blocking up your time.
  • It looks like Maureen Johnson is NaNo’s “Agony Aunt” this year, and she’ll be answering one question each day on her tumblr.
There’s a ton more out there and I’ll share them as I find them. If anyone stumbles across this and wants to team up for some NaNo accountability, let me know. I will yell at you with words of motivation, and expect the same. Or we could be civil about it, I guess.

Also, I sold my flash “The Butcher’s First” to DailySF a few months back, and—according to the schedule posted on SF Signal—it’ll go out by e-mail on November 30. This is the first story I’ve ever sold, so I’m pretty excited it’s finally going up—also a reminder to get off my ass and submit more (though that might be on hold ’til after NaNo, now). You can sign up for free, daily e-mails of sci-fi on their website, and it’ll be available on the front page maybe… a week after that? I don’t know. I’ll post a link.

Follow your dreams to the max. Amen.