In a way, it’s funny to me that this post and the one prior act as empty bookends to the month of November. It’s a sandwich without meat, folks (or cheese, lettuce, candy, etc).

This was not, it turns out, a month for writing.

But there is news, NaNo failure notwithstanding. My story “The Butcher’s First” goes out by digital pony express to all subscribers of DSF bright and early tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to feedback, and I hope seeing my own work in a professional capacity will act as a set of spurs for my motivation.

  1. ‘The Butcher’s First’ was excellent. Well done!

  2. NinjaGW said:

    I also enjoyed ‘The Butcher’s First’ when I read it this morning. Nice work.

  3. meancheez said:

    Thanks for reading! I love DSF, so it’s exciting to contribute something.

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