long gone

I didn’t realize my horse was missing, at first. If I can quick travel close to a location I’ll head straight in, and have no need to mount up. And if I travel to a city, he’ll wait outside and I’ll never even see him.

But then I faced a trek, and I turned to look for Shadowmere and he was gone.

My heart lurched. How long had he been missing? Could I retrace my steps? This proved impossible, and I tried to put it out of my mind. “Maybe he’s just lost,” I said to myself, and for a few hours I’d listen for his telltale snort behind me each time I traveled.

He hasn’t returned, and I’m forced to move forward in my quest, relishing memories from the short time we had together. Like when he first emerged from the pool outside Sanctuary like a murky, malevolent Seabiscuit. Or when he rushed forward and spent twenty minutes kicking at a dragon priest in his unflappable, invincible majesty. And that time we fell off that mountain together and I had to re-load my save file.

Still, I hope he’ll find me someday. In my heart of hearts, I can’t believe he’s gone for good.

Skyrim is probably the main contributor to my NaNo failure. If I played on PC I’d attempt some kind of travelogue with screen caps, but for the moment I’m confined to 360.


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