standardized testing braincrash

They’re sitting at home on the kitchen table. They haven’t been there for long, but already their taunts follow me out the door and set their pummeling, metaphorical fists against my poor brain stem.

Over the weekend, my two prep books for the GRE arrived. Yes, it’s time: time to go forth into grad school in a further attempt to avoid committing to any clear course in life. I’ll be safe in the soft, warm blanket of academia.

If I study for 2-3 months I should be set to take the test around June. And then, if the results don’t get me sent to a home, I’ll spend some serious time researching options and sending in applications. I have to be in the house ’til August 2013 anyway, so any distant schools (the only ones I’d consider, really) have a built-in delay.


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