Must… Create… Legacy!

Guild Wars 2 looks spectacular. Between articles on the ArenaNet blog and detailed video coverage from the beta weekends, I think I’m coming close to permanent Guild Wars retina burn. And yet somehow it never occurred to me before this weekend to go back to the original.

I played Guild Wars just after Factions came out, eventually quit, and then bought the trilogy during a Steam sale sometime in the last year. I didn’t dive in very far the second time, fluctuating wildly between MMO love and hate, and wasn’t jazzed about starting a new account as I’d forgotten all the information from my first.

But it’s time go back, and there’s one driving force behind my renewed (entirely new?) obsession: the Hall of Monuments. Have you seen the beta calculator? I opened it up a month or two, purely out of curiosity, and was immediately overwhelmed. Statues? What are these titles for? I didn’t even know the first thing about heroes, only having played a few hours of Nightfall. I couldn’t process any of it.

Then I looked at the rewards.

Glorious titles and decorative gear and miniature non-combat pets and I realized that, despite my total lack of current Guild Wars knowledge, I couldn’t be happy going into the sequel without all that shiny crap that has zero actual value. I can’t help it—I’m a sucker for the stuff.

It’s tough, but I’m starting from scratch. I have two 20s on my old account, but I can’t remember anything about my progress or how to play the classes (warrior and monk). Besides, that account doesn’t have access to Nightfall. I’m just thankful it’s so old. I’d created six characters, and each of them had five years worth of birthday gifts sitting in their inventories when I recovered the account. An easy start to a miniature collection.

I’m playing as an elementalist, a class I’ve never really touched before, so I’m hoping even the content I saw years ago will feel fresh. This won’t be a problem for a while, as I’m starting with the Nightfall campaign (which I haven’t seen most of) and jumping from that into Eye of the North so I can start seeing those statues go up as soon as possible.

So far, I’ve just made it to the Eye and unlocked the Fellowship path, and I’m going to try and get Hero armor for a few of my Nightfall heroes to start getting a few statues down. I tried running the Dajkah Inlet challenge missions a few times this morning and realized I really needed to upgrade to max armor and spend some time rethinking my build. I died too easily! I need practice controlling heroes, too.

Right now I’m thinking about switching over to fire build, but we’ll see how things go with the new armor. I want to make sure I have a good handle on things before tackling the Eye campaign proper.

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