I (Don’t) Need a Hero

Progress! I have a few trophies up in my Hall now and it motivates me just enough to keep chasing them. Fellowship and Devotion are still the only platforms I’ve activated (’til I finish up the Ebon Vanguard missions) and they’re starting to fill up. My flamingo hit 20, I delved far enough into Factions to capture the Black Moa, and I managed to get a Stolen Sunspear Armor to upgrade Koss. And it turns out I had 18 different miniatures lying around.

With my new fire build I feel like I can keep up the momentum, too. AOE hits harder than it did with earth, and I dropped Ranger and took Monk as a secondary for a little just-in-case healing and so I can capture a few Monk skills to kit out my heroes so they aren’t dead weight.

I realized this after crawling through a few forums over the weekend: heroes are far less effective than henchmen if you don’t have them kitted out. I assumed (for whatever reason) that heroes would be better by default because you have control over their build. But what if someone with ZERO knowledge of the class is setting up the build?

And that’s why I was taking such a terrible beating with a party full of heroes. I have very few elite skills right now, so most of my friends were woefully under powered. I’ve switched over to a team of all henchmen for now, at least until I can play around and capture a few vital skills for each class. Encounters feel much more manageable now, and it’s nice to actually make some headway in Eye of the North.

My approach to the Hall of Monuments has been pretty scattershot OCD so far, but I think I’ve narrowed down my next few goals:

  • Finish the Eye of the North campaign to fully unlock the Hall.
  • More Stolen Sunspear Armor for Nightfall heroes.
  • Finish Factions campaign and work on Kurzick stuff.

If I concentrate on those I should be able to keep my brain intact and functional. Looking at the beta calculator is pretty intimidating right now, especially when I scroll through the massive list of titles. I don’t think I have the willpower to do much in Hard mode or shoot for all the Master’s rewards in missions, but I should be able to hit 30/50 without them.

I’m sorely tempted to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 so I can hop in for the beta next weekend, but at the same time… shouldn’t I just keep working on the first one? I can’t decide.

Diablo 3’s received only neglect in the last few days. After hitting 37 with my barbarian I totally ran out of steam just before the Butcher in nightmare mode. I have a hard time playing through the same content, following the same story for a second time (and a third and a fourth if I persevere to inferno mode). I think for now I’ll just be playing when I have friends online. Three of us created hardcore demon hunters and had some fun for a little while over the weekend, rapid-firing our way through the cathedral catacombs. Hardcore definitely adds an edge to each encounter, especially considering the buffed difficulty playing with others.


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